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Co-founder & Operations Director


David has boundless amounts of energy and he can talk for New Zealand. Normally he can be found using both these skills to enable young people (or run up massive hills). His nickname in the centre is “but how?” as he’s always challenging people to find the answer and push them further.

David’s psychology background, his appetite for books, his belief in people all make him a fantastic Director who’s passionate about The ToolShed.

“ToolShed is here to be a powerful role model in the community. It helps people realise they can choose to shape a meaningful life.”




Works Manager


Marcus struggled at school (he found it boring) but we promise you his lessons are anything but boring. Marcus has a wicked sense of humour and his moto is “work hard, play hard”. Marcus is living proof that hard work will get you to the places you want to be. When Marcus isn’t working every hour under the sun, he can be found lying in the sun, normally from a very comfy lounger on a cruise ship!

“ToolShed is just not the same as other things out there. ToolShed opens doors showing the light rather than opening doors into the dark."


Co-founder & Board Member


John co-founded New Meaning to enable opportunities for all and he doesn’t let land & sea get in his way! John wants to help people understand their value and develop strong self-belief. John was in research, development and marketing for 20 years before discovering an affinity for counselling, psychology and enabling positive change. 
“When a combination of people, influences and place comes together it can impact our lives in a special way.  I think Toolshed is like this and will help change the lives of many for good.”


Peter Hay

Construction Lectuere


Peter ran his own successful construction business for over 20 years before deciding to turn his talents to teaching.  He was a natural from the start and his easy and approachable style mean his gains the trust of the young people on our courses very quickly.  Pete can see a lot of himself at an earlier age when the young people walk through the door. He has an intuitive understand of where they are coming from.  When he isn't at ToolShed he can be found in his garden.

“ToolShed unlocks talent. It gives young people a chance through a relaxing and caring approach to learning.”

Michelle Ball

Office Administrator


Michelle keeps the staff and students organised and on track.  She is the discipline behind our success as a centre and we would be lost without her. 

“ToolShed is about young people finding their path and discovering what they are good at.  It gives many young people a second chance."

Rachel Clarke

Student Welfare Officer


Rachel looks after our students and ensures there time with ToolShed is positive.

Andrew Smith

Functional Skills Tutor